Meet the Co-Founders

Astoic Management Co-Founder, Lonnie Anthony is a seasoned creator, brand connector, and cultural aficionado. Hailing from the central coast's San Luis Obispo area, more specifically: Paso Robles. Lonnie graduated early from the California State University, Northridge at 20 years old with degrees in Political Science & Business Management. Emanating from a strong background in business and marketing, gave him the tools and networking expertise to grow Astoic Management into one of the fastest growing companies on the globe.



Astoic Management Co-Founder, Rob Martin is an experienced broker and lifestyle connoisseur. Bouncing between the states of Georgia, Texas, and California, he has been all over the map. Rob attended fashion school in Downtown Los Angeles. Coming from experiences at marketing firms such as Mind-Body and Hawke Media, granted him the knowledge, skills, and mastery of sales to develop Astoic Management into one of the top organizations in the world.